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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Just had to come and tell you fellow twilight fanatics about a new kit coming out right now. It's by Numb BUMM and its FREE!!!! aaaah!! And I'm loving it, it's very different from the usual. She's releasing pieces at a time so head over to her blog and make sure you add her to your favourites. Check out some of the previews:

Thats just a few of the parts. And can you believe its free?!! Click here to head to her blog. I love a freebie and well a twilight freebie just makes my day!! :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you SOO much. My rating dropped from 4 stars last school holidays to 11/2 because I don't have much time during term to create kits. Your blogging will help.

PS I am soo totally addicted & I don't really get why. Just listen to the sound track, read the books & watch the movie over & over & over again. AHHH!

Numbbumm Sue