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Sunday, January 10, 2010

First P365 layout!

Well I have my first P365 layout done, it was a lot of fun taking the pics for. Pictures I might not normally have taken. Check it out:

Day 1: We went to the Madarin for New Years Dinner. It was packed, crazy packed. But good food. The waitress was a little bit nasty but that was the only downfall. The kids loved getting to eat whatever they wanted to from the buffet. McKayla basically skipped right to dessert. LOL Ben ate a ton of seafood! He is so adventurous when it comes to eating. Especially for an eight year old. He even tried calamari and loved it! He tried to convince me to try some.....but I'm not so adventurous, LOL.

Day 2: McKayla's dancing was still closed for the holidays so we all got to go to Ben's basketball today. He did awesome! He sunk two baskets and his team tied the game. That was quite an accomplishment since they've lost them all so far. LOL I had to sneak out the camera to take his picture. Ben insists that when the camera is there he doesn't score, he thinks it's a bad luck charm. Well obviously as long as he doesn't know it's there, it's just fine!

Day 3: I caught McKayla putting on a little rock concert in her bedroom. For Christmas she got a stage and microphone/headset from my brother and sister-in-law. She looked so cute rockin' out amidst all her barbies and stuffed animals....

Day 4: Back to school! It was horrible trying to get the kids up this morning! They slept in a lot over the holidays. After they dragged themselves out of bed I just had to take pics of them, half asleep, eating their breakfast. They looked exactly like I felt, it was back to work today for me too!

Day 5: "Mommy, want me to show you my tapioca?" I must have looked as confused as I was because McKayla immediately started explaing, "Mommy! Remember? Tapioca! Where you do this......" That's when I figured out she was talking about yoga. She had been watching me do yoga on the Wii Fit. She makes me laugh, what a cutie pie.

Day 6: First homework of 2010. Multiplication facts. Some things never change..... 'nuff said. LOL

Day 7: I signed up for the secret santa at ScrapMatters and my gift came today. My ss was Michelle of MickeyB Designs. She sent a beautiful journal that she had recovered and a matching pen. The journal was titled, "Ha! Our Kid's Funniest Moments". (I will have to add the Tapioca story to it). She also sent Dove Mint Chocolates and Reese' Peanut Butter Christmas Trees!! I was so excited. I can't stop touching the journal, it has definitely inspired me to try some hybrid stuff. and mmmm.....chocolate......

So that's week one! As for my other project Fiona goals...we won't discuss that right now. *sigh* All I can say is it was REALLY easy to excercise while I was off of work. Now that I'm back, well...check back next week when I am sure to bring you better news. Just need to work on my scheduling a bit. LOL

Oh and if you are doing P365 or anything similar, let me know! Leave your blog in my comments so I can check it out. I'm always looking for inspiration. And if you need inspiration, check out ScrapMatters P365 challenges, they have some great freebies and ideas. And if you need some awesome supplies, check out this section of the ScrapMatters store! See you soon!