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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Speed Scrap!

Hi everyone!! I’ve been a terrible blogger haven’t I? I haven’t even been posting my P365 pics!! I just downloaded Windows Live Writer though and this is my first post using it. So if it’s as easy as I’ve heard to post with pics……then I promise I will get them up here! LOL

I am here though to let you know about a speed scrap tomorrow at ScrapMatters! Check it out:

and look at this awesome participation prize from Plum Dumpling Designs:

I love date elements!! And these ones are seriously awesome! So make sure you get there, it’s sure to be a blast. Unfortunately I’ll be working so you will all have to have fun without me. :(   Just click right here to get there!

And can I just say that this post was amazingly easy!! Live Writer! Where have you been all my life?